Anti Blue Light 1.61 MR-8 single vision optical lenses HMC

Anti Blue Light 1.61 MR-8 single vision optical lenses  HMC

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Index: 1.61
Lenses Color: Blue Cut, UV420
Vision Effect: Single Vision
Brand Name: kingway
Certificate: CE/ISO
Lenses Material: MR-8
Coating: HC, HMC, SHMC

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Selling Units Pairs
Single package size 50X45X45 cm
Single gross weight About 22kgs
Package Type inner bag,out carton, export standard or upon your design
Lead Time Quantity(Pairs)  1 - 3000prs, 10days
Quantity(Pairs) > 5000prs, To be negotiated

Anti Blue Light 1.61 MR-8 single vision optical lenses  HMC

Index  Diamater Coating UV value
1.61 MR-8 HC,HMC,SHMC UV420
Monomer Transmission Abbe value  Power range
MR-8 0.97 42 0.00~+-15.00/0.00~-6.00

1. Index 1.61 lenses are thinner than Index 1.499,1.56 lenses. Compared to Index 1.67 and 1.74, 1.61 lenses have higher abbe value and more tintability.
2. The material of MR-8 is imported from Korea, has superior performance. It can meet FDA standard, pass the falling spere test, so 1.61 lenses have igher resistance to scratches and impact.
3. High index lenses are much thinner due to their ability to bend light. As they bend light more than an ordinary lens they can be made much thinner but offer the same prescription power.

UV420-cut lens.

---UV+420cut technology filters out not only UVA&UVB, but also high-energy visible light(HEV light) of 400nm-420nm.

---Latest reasearch has shown that blocking UV and HEV light is critical for protecting eyes against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration(AMD).

---We are still exposed to 60% of Ultraviolet rays on cloudy days and 20%-30% on rainy days. Oue blue cut lens can provide protection under all weathers.

Blue cut1

The advantages of blue cut lens.

1. Blue cut lens can block all types of electronic equipment, LED display short-wave high-energy blue light emitted to ease the eye caused by blue light and other symptoms of discomfort.

2. Blue cut lens can reduce the impact of blue light on melatonin secretion at night, to some extent To improve sleep.

Aspherical Design.
Aspheric eyeglass lenses allow for crisper vision than standard spheric lenses, mostly when looking in other directions than the lens optical center.
Not related to the optical quality, they may give a thinner lens, and also distort he viewer's eyes less as seen by other people, producing better aesthetic appearance.

Anti Blue Light 1.61 MR-8 single vision optical lenses  HMC

AR Coating.
--HC(hard coating): To protect the uncoated lenses from scratch resistance
--HMC(hard multi coated/AR coating): To protect the lens effectively from reflection, enhance functional and charity of your vision
--SHMC(super hydrophobic coating): To make the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance.

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