【 Blue light science 】 How to correctly wear anti-blue glasses

What is blue light?

The wavelength of visible light is 380-780NM, and that of blue light is 380-50NM, which is one of the shortest wavelength and highest energy.

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Where does blue light exist?

Blue light exists in many things that people come into contact with everyday: such as all kinds of energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, incandescent lamps, all kinds of bath bulbs, fluorescent lamps; Flat panel display, liquid crystal display, mobile phone screen and other new artificial light source.
Blue light is very subtle, not easy to detect. For example, in ordinary life, although the intensity of blue light radiation from electronic screens is not large, most of it occurs at night, when the pupil of the human eye will be enlarged, and perennial tired and active may cause harm.


Classification of blue light: good blue light and bad blue light.
Natural Blue Light (Good Blue light) : The blue light in the sun helps people sleep and sleep regularly, improve memory, cognition, and improve mood.
Artificial blue light (harmful blue light) : electronic blue light and night blue light, reduce the secretion of melatonin (melatonin: anti-aging, fight against tumors, improve sleep, regulate immunity), disrupt hormone secretion, circadian rhythm disorders.

The dangers of artificial blue light
Artificial blue light can lead to video terminal syndrome: vision fatigue, blurred, dry eyes, headache, etc., which can lead to permanent vision damage or even vision impairment, age-related macular disease, resulting in vision loss. Blue light can reach our fundus, seriously threatening our eye health.

Structural damage: Blue light can penetrate the lens and cause retinal pigment epithelial cells to atrophy or even die, leading to vision loss, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even complete vision loss.
Eye fatigue: Short blue wavelength, focus does not fall in the center of the retina, cause eye fatigue, may lead to deepened myopia, double vision.
Poor SLEEP: Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, an important hormone that affects sleep.

How can you reduce the damage caused by blue light?

1. Because children and adolescents are in the sensitive stage of human visual system development, they are more vulnerable to high-energy blue light than adults. Parents need to strictly control the amount of time their children spend using electronic devices and should protect them with blue light blocking products. Children aged 0-2 should not use electronic digital products. Children aged 2-6 should not use electronic products for more than 20 minutes each time, and the accumulative time should not exceed 1 hour a day.
2, if necessary, with a pair of qualified anti-blue glasses.
3, appropriate amount of lutein.
4. Spend less time looking at electronics.

According to relevant data, the search index of "blue blocking glasses" from February to April 2020 set the highest record since 2011. Can be said to be the ace traffic commodity during the epidemic.
In Danyang, Jiangsu Province, the world's largest lens production base, which is known as "one out of every two people in the world wears glasses from Danyang," demand for blue-blocking glasses has soared after production resumed, with sales up 103% year-on-year.


How to wear anti-blue glasses correctly? In this regard, the expert Group recommends:

First, pay attention to the "one selection, two to, three view"
First of all, consumers should choose regular channels to buy anti-blue glasses products, do not be greedy and pound foolish; Secondly, anti-blue glasses when buying, should ask the seller for anti-blue lens packaging; Finally, because the performance of anti-blue light lens is an express index, the manufacturer must indicate "blue light protection", "blue light transmission ratio X%", the implementation standard and so on on the packaging bag, so pay attention to check whether the above express content on the packaging bag.

Two, to clear the use of blue light blocking glasses
The recommended users are those who have been exposed to electronic products or LED light sources for a long time. It is not recommended to wear blue-blocking glasses for a long time in non-electronic products or non-blue light environment.

When purchasing products, be sure to carefully check the precautions of the products, especially for some anti-blue glasses with yellow lens color are limited to scenes, and cannot be used in driving and other environments.

Because children's eyes are at a special stage of development, children should wear blue-blocking lenses under the advice of a professional or optometrist.

For the relevant professionals who are more sensitive to color, such as art practitioners or designers, you can use it according to your actual situation.

Finally, we should remind you not to blindly follow the trend of wearing anti-blue glasses, according to their own needs to specify the purpose to choose their own anti-blue lens.


Post time: Nov-30-2022