How many kinds of frame material are there?

Frame material can be divided into titanium, Monel alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, stainless steel, memory titanium alloy, plastic, TR90, and plate and so on.
1. Titanium: it is the main material of high-grade frames in the mirror frame market. Is the lightest frame, the highest surface hardness, the longest use time, will not cause any skin allergy of a metal frame. Titanium frame is divided into pure titanium and
(For the record, titanium is the best material for artificial bone, and it has great compatibility with the human body.)
Monel: A metal frame that is popular in the United States and is used in many brands of eyewear. This alloy is popular because it adjusts well, is relatively easy to shape, and paints well.
3. Stainless steel frames: very strong, lighter and stronger than nickel alloy frames, with better durability and generally do not cause skin irritation.
4 stainless steel frame production and plating color is more difficult, so the price is relatively high. The frame is rich in color and varied in style. Walk in the popular front end of the mirror frame market, is the best-selling mirror frame on the market at present.
5. Aluminum magnesium alloy: ultra-light, second only to titanium frame; High hardness, will not deformation; Corrosion resistance is very good, basically do not fade. The surface color of the frame has a strong sense of texture, and the legs are perfectly streamlined. Is the comprehensive performance second only to titanium frame frame. Memory titanium alloy: alloy made from a mixture of titanium, nickel, and other metals. It is super elastic: when the mirror leg is bent or strained and relaxed, it will automatically return to its original state. Wear comfortable, not easy to break.
6. The frames made of pure titanium are mostly IP electroplating, with good surface color; Super corrosion resistance and wear resistance; β titanium: pure titanium platinum, and a small amount of other metals. It has various advantages of pure titanium frame and good elasticity, making it more comfortable and light to wear. Pure titanium and β -Titan titanium frames are the best performance frames.
Memory plastic is another new material for frame. Although lightweight, it is far more resistant to pressure and flexible than other plastic frames.


What is TR90 made of
1. TR90 is made of plastic titanium, a polymer material with memory function. The material is characterized by light weight, bright color, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. Mainly used for making spectacle frame, it is a very popular ultra light spectacle frame material in the world today.
The material has light weight and good elasticity. Colorful and rich, it lasts a long time even at 350 and is sometimes hard to burn, melt and fade.
What material is plate picture frame?
Plate material is a kind of plastic family, plastic for polymer compound, also known as polymer or macromolecule, is commonly known as plastic or resin. The main component of plastic resin, the so-called plastic is actually a kind of synthetic resin, shape and natural resin in the pine resin similar, but through chemical means of artificial synthesis and known as plastic. According to the physical and chemical properties of various plastics can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting two categories, commonly used in the manufacture of glasses for thermosetting plastics, is made by high-tech plastic memory plate. Most of the current plate components are acetate fiber, there will be a few high-grade frame is propionic acid fiber. And acetate fiber plate is divided into injection molding and pressing model. The plate is the heavier material at present.
All in all: The metal frames are slim and light, classic and elegant; TR90, plate frame: bright color, cool fashion. The picture frame of all sorts of material, each has its strengths.


Post time: Jul-11-2022