Mirror frame selection tutorial

1, choose the right frame
Here is a common cognitive misunderstanding, not expensive frame quality is good, and not cheap frame is not good goods.
Have a certain understanding of materials, miscellaneous brand of cheap frames can also be bought with good quality. Because of the brand premium, the choice of brand frame, although can be more security, but not so high cost performance.
For example, sometimes the price of a brand alloy frame will be much more expensive than a pair of misbranded pure titanium frame. At this point, the choice is still up to you and your budget.
Now the titanium frame quality is good, some are not very expensive, here is still recommended with titanium frame frame.

2,The material type of the mirror frame
The frames come in a variety of materials, some of which are common.
(1) Pure titanium
Very high purity titanium, the content of 98% or more, because the cost of refining and processing is high, so the price of pure titanium frame will be relatively high.
Pure titanium frame has many advantages, such as very light weight, very high strength, good corrosion resistance, will not cause skin allergy, so that the frame has a good wearing experience, without too much weight burden, but also relatively resistant to fall, wear, not easy to break and other characteristics, has become a mainstream choice.
If the skin is easy to allergic, you can consider a pure titanium frame.
(2) Titanium alloy
Alloys of titanium and other metals are also stronger and generally not as good as pure titanium.
(3) β-titanium
Can be understood as another molecular form of titanium, in addition to having the advantages of pure titanium frame, but also has a certain degree of plasticity.
After being squeezed by external force, there will be a certain ability to restore the original shape. The general processing cost is higher than pure titanium, because the general price is also higher. (4) Alloy
Ordinary metal alloy frame, generally not easy to rust, is the more mainstream frame material.
(5) Plate
A very thick, very heavy plastic material, is also one of the mainstream frame materials.
(6) TR90
A new type of plastic material, compared with plate, lighter, softer, high plasticity, in a certain range, after the force extrusion, can restore the original shape, is the mainstream frame material.
(7) tungsten and titanium
Tungsten-titanium, an aviation material, is lighter than TR.

3,What face shape fits what frame?
For different face shapes, you should choose different frames.
Therefore, before we choose a frame, we should first look at the shape of our own face.
What? You don't know the shape of your face? Take a look at the shape of your face according to the image below.

In fact, it is not necessary to define their own face shape is belong to what face, to have a general understanding of the outline of their own face shape can be. Most importantly, know some of the taboos of frame selection.
In the case of a round face, if you have a round face with no sharp edges, try to avoid round frames. This will avoid further "accentuating" your round face and making it look rounder. Instead we can choose square frame, or half frame, polygonal frame and other frames, they will generally have obvious edges and corners to "weaken" your round face, so they will be more suitable for you.
Similarly, if the face shape is square, try to choose round frame, try not to choose too square frame, so that you can use glasses to coordinate your face shape, will not be further "square plus square"
In the selection of mirror frame, the above statement can only be used as a reference, the actual situation may also have counterexamples, so we do not necessarily need to follow the above suggested framework.

Post time: Aug-25-2022