See far, see close clear – progressive multi-focus glasses know how much

1. Who is suitable for progressive multifocal lenses?
Suitable for the adjustment of the decline, at the same time to see far, fancy or at the same time to see far near different needs of people (especially to see the computer and mobile phone needs), you do not have to frequently pick and wear glasses. It is suitable for different age groups, but for people under 40 years old, it is recommended to wear progressive multi-focal glasses and assist visual training to improve the adjustment function.

2, wearing progressive multi-focal lens will appear uncomfortable?
Because the design of this kind of lens is different from that of single light lens, it can be divided into three light areas simply, namely, far vision area, middle vision area and near vision area, so it may feel different when wearing.
When using attention to see the distance, look straight ahead, through the far vision area, will be very clear; Move the line of sight down a little, through the middle visual area can see clearly stairs and other objects in the middle distance; When you need to read newspapers or mobile phones, you need to use the near vision area. You can see from the bottom of the lens. If you are not clear, you can turn your head up and down.
In addition, when you look at objects on either side, it will be somewhat blurry, which is normal. When you need to see objects on either side, turn your head slightly and try to see through the center of the lens.
At the beginning of wearing, there may be early discomfort (such as dizziness, etc.), slowly get used to can disappear. If you still can't see far, medium, or near objects clearly through the above methods, you can contact your optometrist in time to help solve your problem professionally.

progressive lens 8

3. Can you wear progressive multifocal lenses while driving?
Wearing progressive multi-focus lenses should follow the principle of "static before moving". Driving can be worn. In the initial wearing, if you are very comfortable indoors, you can try to wear it outside. In the selection of lenses, you can choose the lens with a wider field of vision, the astigmatism area is reduced, and the available area is large when driving.

4. Why choose progressive lenses?
Ordinary lenses can only see far, see close is very difficult; Reading glasses can only see close, not far; Progressive lenses, on the other hand, can see well from far to near. Progressive lens is beautiful in appearance and easy to use; Common myopia glasses and reading glasses can increase the sense of age; Now the progressive lens design has long channel and standard channel, the choice of frame will be wider.

Post time: Nov-22-2022